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Bringing world class service and care into the property industry, with our Great People and a Great Attitude toward each other and to Life itself.


We are in the 'people-business', as our people are the most important asset to us. We are extremely passionate about providing world class support, service, and marketing. We are always focused on negotiating and finding solutions. We believe our clients need to be treated fairly and with the utmost care and support. We provide a home for both the experienced and trainee property practitioners. We remove the hurdles and administration so that our property consultants can focus on providing excellent service to our clients. We are deeply passionate about attracting and developing people that are energetic and wanting to make a difference. We offer the most flexible work arrangements to develop and support our people.


We always do HONEST business and act with INTEGRITY and ETHICALLY to foster TRUST in the marketplace. We believe in building strong and lasting RELATIONSHIPS with our staff and clients. We are extremely RESPONSIVE and PRODUCTIVE because we take our stewardship role seriously. We are PASSIONATE about people and always treated them FAIRLY. We CARE about the communities that we live and work in. We aim to provide dazzling SERVICE experiences to our clients. We execute our duties with DUE CARE and DILIGANCE. We believe in SHARING VALUE and going the extra mile. We are adult about the way we do business and remove obstacles that hinder our success. We listen and are RESPONSIVE and ATTENTIVE at all times..


The very foundations of our company rests in the culture we create, develop and maintain. We want our agents and clients to be happy and positive. That is why we treat one another with the care, respect and professionalism. As eternal optimists we choose to direct our attention to improving, growing, achieving and enhancing. We know that feeling welcomed, respected, valued, appreciated and connected is important. We truly understand the human condition and want to foster a home for driven, hard working and caring people. Curiousity, learning and continously improving is what we about. We want to make a difference in peoples lives. Our organization aims to elevate its people and makes them feel valued. Helping and guiding as we work hard to achieve success and positive outcomes for our clients.


- Comply with the requirements as outlined in Regulation 633 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act.
- Sign and adhere to the PPRA's Equality Pledge.
- Sign and adhere to the PPRA's Code of Ethics.
- Are just nice and cool to work with !


- The company has established and implemented a Risk Management and Compliance Program (RMCP)
- The company requires all those appointed in the organization to undergo training in anti-money laundering efforts.
- The company has appointed a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) to enforce regulations and compliance requirements.
- As an accountable institution and reporting entity we ensure our systems, storage and data sharing is POPI Act compliant.
- In compliance with the POPI Act, all those appointed undergo training and comply with the guidelines and policies.
- The company has appointed an Information Officer and Deputy Information Officer to enforce such compliance.
- We always, just choose to do what’s right  !

ABIL Properties

- Is registered with REBOSA and in association with the National Association of Realtors.
- Is a certified Level 4 BBBEE contributor.
- Is registered as per The Companies Act.
- Is a certified TPN Affiliate Member.
- Is registered as per The PPRA
- Is registered with SARS
- Is a great company to be associated with!